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Introductions first: I’m Eason (aka ezntek), a 15-year-old Asian programmer living in 🇸🇬, and this is where I post semi-personal content in the form of a blog.

Econs Revision (20240509T110029)

Economics revision guide NOTE: This guide was NOT WRITTEN BY ME, but by Markus Clausen. I do not take the economics course. you can find the PDF here.

May 9, 2024 · 1 min · ezntek, Markus Clausen

Computer Science G1 revision guide

Da link here For the uneducated: Our school provides the IGCSE Comp Sci 0478 course (instead of ICT now), but the school’s selection of teachers are suboptimal. Despite their best efforts to teach us as much as they can, computer science is a hard subject for many and they may need a revision guide to help them. Tested topics From the homework post, Chapter 2 Data transmission structure of data packets & contents packet switching methods of transmission (serial, parallel, HD & FD) USB error detection - parity check, checksum, echocheck check digits - ISBN 13 and Modulo 11 (know how GENERATE and RECALCULATE) NO CALCULATOR ALLOWED ARQ Encryption Chapter 3 Hardware CPU Dual core & quad core processors Von neumann architecture control bus, address bus, data bus fetch-decode-execute cycle instruction sets embedded systems qr codes RAM, ROM, DRAM, SRAM virtual memory MAC addresses router Chapter 9 Databases structure of flat file - fields, records, validation data types use of primary keys SQL scripts to query data

May 9, 2024 · 1 min · ezntek